offbeat openings with traps to beat 1000 players

Hey, I’m looking for a solid opening that’s a bit offbeat/unusual and might throw a 1000-1400 player if the lines are learned well.
Any ideas appreciated!

you can study gambits. evans gambit,scotch gambit, etc. but remember if you are going to play a pawn down then preparation is key.

Play Danish opening with two pawn sacrifice. Works well against low rated players.

You can try mexican and syberian (dunst). they are so cool.


ELO 1000-1400 players constantly create and fall in their own traps. It's not necessary to invent something. tongue.png


1. anything, followed by good tactical play.


learn tactics, this will guarantee you win all games against 1400


I find the center gambit to be very annoying. 


Play either side of the Spanish. That has tons of traps to catch the unwary. The Philidor is another good one with tons of traps, as is the Russian.


In fact, just about all of the classical openings have tons of traps. Just study them and watch for tactics!


IMO cuz I'm a 1200 myself... In tennison gambit my fellow players don't even know what to move lol