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parham attack

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    I'd rather be rated 600 and be able to learn then be 2400 and unable to learn anything.

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    Really? I'd much rather be a FM then be a 600...

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    Amen. IM Pfren has been incredibly patient by giving variations and for even simply commenting. Gavinator constantly laughed at IM's lines, by giving rotten refutations, but IM Pfren even gave more variations. 

    But that's not even the point. Gavinator doesn't respect an IM more than he respects a 1200.

    Also, TonyH gave advice on deaf ears. This chess coach gave useful advice, but Gavinator and Whatupyodog didn't even reply. This is disgraceful. 

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    whatupyodog2 wrote:
    joeydvivre wrote:

    Why the heck can't this die?

    I think I had been playing chess for 10 years before I even met an IM and many years past that before one decided that I was worthy of their advice.  Now we have this IM giving out this advice and 1400 players responding with " it amazes me to see more people downgrade someone who one they havent played ".  If Kasparov came on here and told you the Parham was junk, would you believe him?  What level of authority does it take?  

    This internet age has sure made people disrespectful of their betters.  

    Im at a GM level.

    I'm a monkey's uncle.

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    Not tracking comments anymore.

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    In that case, you are the first GM ever who's blundering pieces in one move at correspondence chess, and has a negative IQ.

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    Oh, something like that one:


    Actually your IQ seems being closer to nine below zero than 188. Maybe you meant 0.188 or something?

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    Are you sure it was your brother, and not your grandma?

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    whatupyodog2 wrote:

    My brother played that game.

    Who was your brother? What is his rating?

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    Seriously, I have herd so much about the Parham it makes me sick.Sealed

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    That's because it's so freakin good

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    Wow. Another parham thread.  *faint*

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    This one has been around forever...

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    The Parham attack is live and well and keeps winning

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    Yes and game of matrix theory lives on

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    Tracking turned off!

    Anything to turn this thread inactive once more!

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    Sorry will not because matrix theory and Parham attack can't be stopped

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    Yes it can and tracking turned off

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    The theory refutes any other


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