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Ponziani opening..why do they keep going into the hole?

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    I learnt about Ponziani opening online. i am an average player who is quite enthusiastic. i find surprising that i could finish a game in 10 moves..just because my opponents take the wrong turns.

    1.e4 e5, 2.Nf3 Nc6, 3.c3...heralding the ponziani..Nf6,4.d4 exd,5.e5 Nd5,6.Bc4 Nb6,7.Bxf7 8.Kxf7,9.Ng5+ then the king enters the hole!..Kg8 10.Qb3+ and a mate is made! why is this an attractive choice(Kg8)? want answers.

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    i tried to study the line on chess.com and there appears to be no game in the  data base that supports the sac ...7.Bxf7....i actually think its a good move.

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    No line supports it because it's not a good move. Any decent player with the black pieces would win. Sacrifices with so few pieces out are rarely good.

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    White is fine after 9.Ng5+ Ke8, provided he forgets to count the pieces.

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    so far, i have toppled a few serious players even with 9.Ke8.....perhaps i have just been lucky!

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    I like how the Ponziani opening is named after a scam.

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    People [most people] do not play that line as White as with best play it loses.  

    Black has to defend well but why play a line which theoretically loses?

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    intuition......ala open mind play.....practical play.

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    It is fun to think the Ponziani was named after a scam but in reality it is the other way around.  People play against the Ponziani for the first time and lose and it seems to them that they were scammed.

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    It's not that much of a strong opening. Not bad, but certainly not better than other reasonable openings. And losses in the opening are due to poor move choices as in the text game, not to an opening's overwhelmingness, so don't justify it with the Ponziani.

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    plutonia wrote:

    I like how the Ponziani opening is named after a scam.

    Actually the scam is a "Ponzi scheme" and has nothing to do with the ancient opening.

    It is fair to say the Ponziani doesn't offer White as many prospects for advantage as some other lines do, but just because a very well prepared Black will be okay doesn't mean that less well prepared opponents are safe.  White's basic idea of c3 & d4 is quite sound, and Black must respond energetically to maintain a balance.


    Because the Ponziani is so rarely seen in practice, most Black players only have some vague idea that they should play an early ...d5 and be equal.  But players of the White pieces have essayed it for centuries, and ...d5 is not some new invention.  Taking a cavalier attitude against the opening is just asking for trouble.

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    Eloquently eulogized Estragon.

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    Yes, three "e's for Estragen and I will add "e" for excellent and "e" for erudite!


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