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Quick win with Marshall line of Scandi

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    Some sharp attacks in this line of the Scandi, I let him gobble my king-side pawns for what turned out to be an impressive attack.  Let me know what you think.

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    9...Ne3 and your in trouble, nice gamne though

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    Thank you for your comment.  Would you care to elaborate?  I don't see the threat of Ne3.

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    White blocks the check on move 8 with Ne3 and your tactic to win the knight falls on its face - it's defended by two pawns.

  • #5

    oh, yeah, that.  I actually think i transposed the move order incorrectly.  I think that we exchanged knights first and i won the pawn with the queen check.  I did the game from memory

  • #6

    You don't have to struggle with that, actually.


    Just go to the game, click "Get PGN" on the right pane and select all the text and copy it. In your post, insert a game and check the "use PGN" option, and paste the PGN file text in there, like so:

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    Thank you very much steevmartuns that will help a lot in the future.  What did you think of the game?

  • #8

    16. Ke1 gains a bit of time for white.

  • #9

    Thank you for the comments.  I will keep using the scandi marshall line and post anymore interesting games.

  • #10

    cool. i like using the knight for checkmates.


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