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Scandinavian Gambits

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    Which Gambit do you think is better?



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    I prefer the islandic, but the actual mainline for white is to play 3. D4 and give back the pawn, and follow with c4 with tempo.

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    yeah, im aware of the mainline. Infact im actually leaning towards the icelandic as well, because of the annoying transposition into the panov:

    e4 d5 exd5 nf6 c4 c6 d4 cxd5 nc3

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    The Icelandic loses a pawn for insufficient compensation while the second one forces a caro kann

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    I play the 3. ... c6 since the past 3 years, and have good results with it.

    I learnt the lines from Roman Dzindzi's DVD. And over the years I have grown very comfortable with the positions arising from it. Taking on c6 is almost losing for white. So white's only decent option is to play the Caro Kann Panov attack, 4. d4 cxd4.


    Here are my results with 3. ... c6

    3...c6 84
    38.1%   56%

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