Scotch game 4. ... Nf6

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    from what i have heard i understand white should play this line if trying to fight for some opening advantage after Nf6.

    Q1) What is the common assessment of this position in top player level? 

    Q2) I don't feel very confortable with c4 - b3, it feels like white overextends themeselves. Black has some disadvantages, but they have quite compact position with sound options like g6 or 0-0-0. Are there some sidelines for white to there realistically fight for some opening advantage? Maybe 6. Bd3? 

    Good luck!

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    Assesment is that the position is still slightly lightly better for white however both parties have something to go for and both can play for a win. As a black player I am normally not unhappy with the position

    The following variations gives black some headaches on GM level however I think at amateur level it is roughly equal because the differences with the main lines are small

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    In the diagram i made a little mistake ofcourse. In the main line black does not play 10. ... Bd6 as it loses a pawn but c6 first with Bd6 later.

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