Should 1.e4 and 1...e5 be the start of all our careers?

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    Nobody should be forced to play anything. If you are forced you will enjoy the game less and that can never be the idea.

    From a pure teaching value point of view it is the easiest to start with e5 for 2 reasons.

    1. Central strategy is relatively clear (compared to semi-open or closed openings).
    2. It is easier to develop your pieces to logical squares because .. well the logical squares are easier to find because of well.. the central strategy is easier :)

    But by all means don't let anybody stop you from playing any normal opening the develops light pieces and castle.

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    I don't know what to say. It seems like fairly odd advice. Is an e4-e5 opening the only way to learn real chess and real strategy?

    The only thing I have against other openings, like the semi open games, is that they can be fairly difficult to play. 

    I think there really isn't one opening that teaches you everything. Change openings gradually to learn more ideas. Nothing wrong with e4-e5, but no conditio sine qua non for me.

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    I do feel like everyone needs an education in e4-e5. But then maybe we need an education in EVERY opening if we truley want to get good. Idk maybe e4-e5 is important to get an education in the open game. It is easier, it is a solid opening, and idk. This cant be tested but i greatly appreciate everyones opinions. theres no real clear overall concensus but ill go with 1...e5 for now. Please dont hesistate to put more input on this subject its very interesting. Any stories from super gm's oir gms who exclusevly played 1 opening their whole lives 

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    Id have 2 agree with chess teanager.

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