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Switching to d4? recommended lines?

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    All the stupid trolling is what is sad about forums. Go out and troll in real life. This forum should be for serious people who don't leave their house.

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    Mr. Bankwell, I did not recommend the Avrukh repertoire as-it-is in his GM repertoire books. Apparently you have, on top of everything else, reading issues, which does not surprise me at all.

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    You still don't understand , do you?Understanding has nothing to do with titles.There are IMs and NMs that have a GMs understanding in chess.But competitive chess needs much more than understanding and one of them is the ability to totally commit yourself for chess.It is almost impossible to have to go 8 hours to work every day and be a GM unless you have a work that provides  unlimited vacation and unlimited money(or you happen to have them).At 80's if you were born in countries like Greece , it was impossible to become GM.There were no GM norm tournaments here and that means you should travel and pay , travel and pay , travel and pay.Who could do that ?

                 I will repeat ,many IMs  have a GM understanding and only the ignorants and the fools can't understand that.  

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    No-one should pay any attention to Bankwell, I've seen him spouting rubbish without reading other people's posts before. He seems to be creepily dedicated to spending his life to mewling after recognition on an Internet forum for a BOARD GAME that he sucks at.

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    If I were an IM, I'd get it tattooed on my forehead.

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    I see trolls everywhere on the internet.

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    alexlaw wrote:

    i'm not sure about this but almost in every post IM pfren posts, there seems to be some war going on...

    Don't be silly and why try to stir things up?

    Anyone who comes on here for chess reasons would undoubtedly value pfren's contributions.

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    I would play 6.e3 in the slav.

    If you don't get 6.e3 then 6.Ne5 won't make any sense.

    I would play the Meran just because most people will either let you play e4 because they don't know what they're doing or you just sac a pawn and knock them out because they don't know what they're doing.

    If they do know what they're doing then at least you have compensation

    The Botvinnik is just of game of who can memorize more...


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