Talk to me about the Sicilian.


 ^Joly cow, a talking cat!!

RussBell wrote:
DeirdreSkye wrote:
kindaspongey wrote:
DeirdreSkye wrote:

... Kindaspongey ... His only wish is that people stay as ignorants as he is. ...

I have no such wish.


Then stop recommending books that do more harm than good.

An example of your forum bullying, DeirdreSkye.  This is just one of many similar examples of how you behave throughout these forums.  Your disagreements with others consistently devolve into personal (ad hominem) attacks of those you disagree with, or those whose posts you disapprove of.  Behavior which is particularly evident in your psychopatic obsession with KindaSpongey throughout the forums.  These are the methods of an immature bully. You clearly have some deep rooted anger management issues.  And you continue to display this personality disorder in the forums for all to see. You're out of control.  You need psychiatric help.  I've made the point, so for now I'll waste no further energy on you.


It's the first correct thing you ever said. Of course I need psychiatric help and medication. Trying to discuss reasonably with you clearly proves it.


And this is why you should never discuss the Sicilian




Or else