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The 4 pawns gambit

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    White sure is up a lot on development, but none of it was forced, so he may end up with just a couple pawns down for no good attack, if Black decides to develop something or shoot back a d-pawn or other standard anti-gambit efforts.

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    Brilliant! JK it's awful.  But I think it's intentionallly awful.

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    By the time Black gobbles the 4th pawn, he's probably lost. Ne5 could be a problem.

    However, after f4, d5 might be the antidote.

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    Hard to defend

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    This is an example of the style of pre-theoretical chess, where people just started sacrificing hoping that a mate would just materialize. Dreadful.

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    Yeah I did not calculate the attacking way accurately. Sorry.

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    Instead of hacking with the B, play Ne5. What can Black do then?


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