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The Opening I Invented

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    This squabbling is unbecoming of chess pioneers like ourselves. 

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    Freaking hilarious. I have never laughed this hard

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    Foridejack wrote:

    Freaking hilarious. I have never laughed this hard

    Then I guess you've never seen my "invinted a new opening" thread?

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    The "invinted" series is pretty funny too.  

    I can't believe the number of goofballs that think any 3 random moves is a "system" or that a trap invented in 1490 should be named after them.  

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    Actually this opening was invented by Siddhartha, an Indian GM,  

    back in 540  BCE.  It was formally called the Buddha Gambit and he became enlightened after winning the game.   This gambit was lost for close to 2553 years until the UnMaster became enlightned too.  Siddhartha was rated 2903 but it is lost to history.  

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    Master Po is very wise

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    In order for white to get an advantage in that line, white must decline the queen sacrifice and obtain the opposition with 4.Ke2!!

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    How come you did not use this opening in our game

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