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Trap In Slav

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    Plz Comment How 'it 

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    Isn't black winning?

    White just gets his piece back, and sits with a bunch of weak pawns?

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    You Can take the rook 

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    SharmaPawan wrote:

    You Can take the rook 

    How, after 14 .... Rc8?

    I really think Black is better, but maybe I'm wrong

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    14...Rc8 15.Nxg7+ Kf7 16.Ne6 Ne7 17.Rd1 Rc7 or Rhd8/e8 

    White is not winning.

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    It isn't trap. More likely to be a tactics one.

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    The only effect White had about this tactics is it prevented Black's king to castle.

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    White can't castle either. I would be perfectly fine playing black after Rc8, the only main trouble he has is the e6 square, while white has some weak pawns, weak light squares, and his king is not as safe as black's in my opinion.

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    thx everyone 4 help

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    I feel that Black's better in this position. 14...Rc8 looks like a good move here. 15.Nxg7+ is forced  15...Kf7 then 16.Ne6 to save the knight. The pawn on d5 is very weak. Black will attack the d5 pawn with all his pieces and I feel that white can't do much here. For example, black may play 17.Ngf6 developing a piece and attacking the d5 pawn. 

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    i agree.

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    nice knight attack.   but who wins white or black

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    black is winning

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    White's position is uncomfortable. But Black isn't winning yet. White still has an asset: the d-passed pawn. I don't know who wins in this game but I prefer Black in the position.

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    Why not 8.Qxf3?

    Taking the d4 pawn is extremely dangerous.

    Now I was looking at 11.h4 or 11.g3, with more than adequate compensation for the pawn, although mr. Houdini thinks that 11.c5! (nice idea indeed- white frees c4 for the bishop) is even stronger.

    Surely enough this ain't the right way to handle the opening as Black.

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    pfren wrote:

    Surely enough this ain't the right way to handle the opening as Black.

    What's that contraction? "ai not"? Laughing (sorry, I know it's correct for that slang term, but it always makes me chuckle)


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