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Tricky Opening Lines

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    What Openings do you consider very tricky or complex?

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    The Fred, or Nimzovitch Fred. incorrectly named the Colorado Defense by Nimzovitch Defense author/expert Hugh Myers due to a letter sent to Chess Life by a reader from that state. Future International Master Doug Root, a friend of mine contributed to its development back in the 1970's, using it with mixed results in the old Louis Statham Master's plus tournaments he sponsored in Lone Pine, California. So, it should be called the Root Counterattack.

    1. e4 Nc6, 2. Nf3. f5. I'll make some videos about it eventually, once my website is upgraded. I have a few lines that used to beat the silicon beasts, but they fixed that....

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    Agree with CS007

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    Well that is the mainline Chess and Christian, but it doesn't mean Nf3 is never played. If Nf3 is played, you can easily fall into a ruy, italian, scotch, ponziani, etc. That is why Nf3 f5 could be very tricky. 

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    well, d4 is solid, but it leads into the nimzoswitsch defense, which is an uncommon line that many players get into trouble with. Ask NM aww-rats. He can tell you all about it :)

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    the main line of the Nimzoswitsch is 1. e4 Nc6 2. d4 d5 and then white can play lots of moves, but has to know theory. 

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    I would think that the KG, EG, and maybe The Halloween Gambit are tricky

    here is the last one

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    That line is actually not the mainline. In fact, that line is a bad line for black. There are many other opportunities for black to do better in the position. Giving back the knight is always an option as well, and if black gives back the knight, he will almost always end up in a better position. This is a good line:


    you can always play the Ng6 line as well and easily secure an advantage. 


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    yeah, but for someone who doesn't know how to handle it. it can be deadly. heck even if they know it it can cause them to think.

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    but it is not the best opening available. I just hate the 4 knights.

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    Najdorf - Poisoned Pawn 

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    The Najdorf PP, Samisch KID, Botvinnik Semi-Slav, King's Gambit, Dragon Sicilian, etc.

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    I don't know about tricky, but I have agrresive lines 

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    The Parham is about as tricky as they come.

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    Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Accepted can be tricky at an amateur level.  I've been beaten by it and won more than a few with it.

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    The halloween gambit is unsound because of the Ng6 lines and lines where black gives back the piece. However, I believe the following gambit is considered sound:


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    I don't like facing the Ng6 lines, but I would not call it unsound.  It is just not as good as the Nc6 lines.  And giving back the knight, that doesn't help Black at all - that plays into White's hands.

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    If I'm correct, this Opening is the Halloween Gambit

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    you kind of messed up the line for white there


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