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Wat mean to keep up wit theory???

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    i dont get it thx

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    The fantastic time savings by leaving out some letters in the words of the topic was undone by the gratuitous use of multiple question marks.

    Other than that, a model of brevity.

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    Isn't "wit theory" an advanced course at Comedian College?

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    Sorry OP, just couldn't resist the previous post.  At the highest levels of chess, keeping up with theory means knowing opening lines 20 to 30 moves deep in everything and being aware of what your peers are currently playing as well as the latest "novelties" from each tournament.  Unless you're a titled player, don't worry about it.  Just knowing the standard ideas for whatever opening you're playing is more than enough for the rest of us.

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    Wat mean

    Stopped right there.  Watt is a measurement of power for lightbulbs.  You seem to have a 10watt lightbulb in your head.

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    TWIC, chesspublishing, chessbase Magazine subscription, ChessVibes Openings, Informant + ICCF archives if you want to take this into account.

    It takes a huge amount of time though... Better be sure it's worth it...


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