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What is the correct way to play

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    I saw once a video about it, i think it was the analysis of the game by chess.com. It also could have been another site. 

    Anyway the analysis was about 1 e4 e5 qh5.. and then the player played something, the guy in the video said it was too tame and he should have played knight to f6. Well i just had the position in chess mentor and it tells me knight to f6 is wrong because black loses the pawn for not enough compensation.

    I want to know, is 2. nf6 correct or a bad move???

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    Supposedly you do get enough compensation with Nf6 (I've never looked at the position though).  Of course there's nothing wrong with Nc6 to protect the pawn either.  The knight's favorite squares are f6 and c6, if white wants to force them there with a loss of tempo it's not losing for white (it's just a tempo or 2), but it's not very intimidating either (to say the least).


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