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What is the stupidest opening ever?

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    The_logicalist245 wrote:

    The Bongcloud Opening


    why would this be considered stupid i use this opening for half the games i play and half the games i play i am victorious

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    My favourite stupid opening doesnt even have a name, but it can be fun to play. I've actually won a few games with it here. 1 e4 b5?!

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    AngeloPardi wrote:

    a new variation of fool's mate !!

    LOL: diagram fail! Laughing

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    1.The Parham

    2.Daeth's Opining

    3.The sicilian (2.c3!! and black resings)

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    plutonia wrote:
    nextkasparov345 wrote:

    Andersen opening.

     #28 qf4--brillant !    Carlsen game...bc4, why no #29,qf8+,ng8,qxr,bxn,bxb+  ?



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    for white: f3 or f4 followed by g4 or vice versa.

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    Nigel Davies vs Nigel Short: 1 c4 e5 2 Nc3 Nf6 3 g3 b6 4 Bg2 Bb7 5 Bxb7.

    Nigel Short was 8 years old.

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    The stupidest opening is to turn up and before sitting down for move 1 refuse to shake hands twice. I call this the Cheparinov opening. It is vulnerable to the Short defence. Tipping over the pieces and shouting at the opponent and arbiter "goddam it man are you blind" is an optional technique for extra, bonus stupidity.

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