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What Opening is This?

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    Hello all!

    I was wondering what the opening I've been using is called? Also, I'm wondering if it's, in all honesty, flawed and horrible. I realize I'm at a level where a bad opening can be overcome by opponent's mistakes, so I'm not sure if it's awful and I've been playing it well, or if it's a decent opening.


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    Are you talking about the opening for White?  Looks pretty bad to block your e pawn with your dark Bishop.  He can immediately threaten to win it with 6 ... h6 followed by 7 ... d4.

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    wonderful opening, you play like kasparov!!!

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    White's g3/Bg2 opening is the Barcza System. I play it as White. The move Be3 is not part of the system, though.

    Here's a game that I played here on chess.com, against a 2000+ rated player:


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