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why do black play the traxler?

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    Seraphimity wrote:
    LordHarnois wrote:
    LordHarnois wrote:
    Seraphimity wrote:
    SmyslovFan wrote:
    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    More importantly, how does it settle anything?

    Especially when the person talking trash can always respond that they're too busy to play.

    and if they are always to busy to repond with a game then that anwers much, no?

    I like your ideas sir!

    I fear if this was a real thing though they would find my bravado to be cowardice in disguise.

    haha' ;) well you are a little rubber duckie after,, so a bit of that is to be expected.. lol

    Yes, this is true. Rubber ducks are not often sought after for their bravery but for their squeakiness.

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    I wonder what the "anti-Houdini" line is. Give Houdini 30 seconds (after forcing him into Nxf7), and what is the path to a black win?

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    Oran_perrett what line of the Lolli shows ANY advantage for Black? Sounds to me like you're doing it wrong.

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    It's not good for black to take on e5 with the knight in the two knights defense. White has much better position after the Lolli Atack (6.d4) or the Fried Liver Attack (6. Nxf7).

    And Oran_perret.  ''in the chess.com database that's like a 70% win chance for BLACK''. NO! That's wrong! After Nxf7 white has 88,8% wins in the chess.com game explorer. (I don't have chess base but there are much more games than here)  No one wants to play against the Lolli or the Fried Liver Attack with black. It's just bad. If you play the two knight defense I prefer 5. Na5 - the main line. Also 5. b5, the Ulvestad is an opening you can use to surprise your opponent. The Traxler (4. Bc5) is a move you need to learn before you play. That's just the way it is.

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    Oran_perrett wrote:

    the computer thinks that black has an advantage equal to about a piece in the loli after you sacrifice the knight, although the game is very much in white's favour, i was using it as another example of why engines are crap at openings

    Play through some lines and I think that advantage will disappear.

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    I doubt 6.Nxf7 is noticeably better for White in the Fried Liver. but the comment was about 4...Bc5 5.Nxf7!?

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    Oran_perrett wrote:

    oh dear can people stop misunderstanding me? i don't know why i bother...

    Not everyone is misunderstanding you. Wink

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    Sound with a knight on a5 Tigergutt ? Still with a pawn down. Give me a break:-) you must at least play Nd4 after d5 exd ,or even better b5, like Carlsen versus Naiditsch, Turin 2006. But Traxler is good also! 

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    thank for your answer! i agree that the Traxler is ok i just like putting my openingpost on the edge sometimes  for the extra attention and stir up traxlerfans to answer and look what happened:) I believe traxler is an effective opening you can score many points in but if anyone is asking me what advantage black has in traxler i will struggle putting my finger at it even after losing countless times against it


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