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Why do people hate "d4" so much?

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    jurassicmc wrote:
    anacapa wrote:

    I tend to think all boredom is resolved by winning.  The creation of boredom is also mentioned in  Sun Tzu's Art of War as a valid tactic for winning.  Thus, beware of the boring opponent.

    Yes, but i play for fun that is my first aim . I won´t make money winnin in chess. When someone plays systems like Colle or another system where their pieces are 15-20 moves without cross the fourth line,  i  ask myself if really  these guys are playin chess .

    As my countryman  GM Miguel Illescas once said : " In past i had fear of losing , when i was willing to lose is when i got my best results."  



    I feel the same, I like to play againist d4-c4 but playing against the Colle or the London is just too boring. Especially the Colle tends to give black zero counterplay.

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    i personally hate when my opponet plays d4 since i don't get to play the sicilian which i like playing when my opponet plays d4 i have to play a more passive opening like the nimzo

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    Shawshank-Redeemer wrote:

    You cant play the parham if you play d4.

    You still haven't responded to my line, where black is practically winning.

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    Shawshank-Redeemer wrote:

    What line?

    In both the parham refutation thread and the 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 thread.

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    I myself prefer 1.d4...but I have been hearing about this "Parham Opening" so much lately, I will need to look see.

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    Chessdude007 wrote:

    If we are looking at openings from an offensive standpoint, e4 is superior to any other opening... this is why many people don't like d4- or Nf3 for that matter.

    why is nf3 not agressive you are already putting a peice out on the first move? also its very flexible as well


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