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Why is the dragon considered dubious

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    Karpov was quite the giant killer.

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    Two titled players who are much stronger than any of the rest of us post on this thread, offering useful advice, and all some people do is argue which one of the two is stronger? It might be an idea to listen to them instead.

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    The dragon is not only dubious, it is  down right dangerous due to it's fire breathing capabilities, plus they are notoriously hard to train and keep loyal.I had one once but sold it after it ate my dog and the neighbour.

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    Karpov's loss to Korchnoi was in a 1971 training match. He got his revenge in 1974 in the Candidates and I don't think Korchnoi played against Karpov again.

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    he did, he played 2 wcc with karpov

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    DaBigOne wrote:

    he did, he played 2 wcc with karpov

    I think he means the Korchnoi didn't play the Dragon against Karpov again.

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    I never play the Dragon. Everything is booked.

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    It's not dubious,its just risky


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