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Why is the Ruy Lopez good?

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    Of course answering e4 with e5 can lead to complex positions that is the beauty of chess.

    But with e5 i directly stake a claim at the center and I only have to see how either i maintain e5 or get d5 in. That is a lot easier to understand (mind you not to execute) than the central strategies in french or sicialian.

    Also because of the more stable center piece development is more logical even in unknown positions. It is easier to find the best spot for your pieces

    In the sicilian for example development is much harder. What piece should you develop first ? dark squared bishop, light squared bishop, queen side knight ? Choose the wrong plan you will be much worse perhaps even lost.

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    I found this to be a very good article on the Ruy Lopez. Read it through slowly, and play through all the moves on the successive boards, taking time to read the comments. There are a few typos that can make it confusing, but if you'll persist, I think you can figure out what  the typo was supposed to be.

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    Scottrf wrote:
    Frankiebones7983 wrote:

    The ruy lopez is good b/c it is like a more agressive version of the italian game.

    Not sure I agree. The Evans gambit or Fried Liver are aggressive versions of the Italian game.

    The Ruy is more like a long positional struggle than an aggressive opening. Eventually you may play for an attack, but it's very slow getting there.

    That is very true. Some of my most difficult games have come from Lopez positions, playing bith as White and as Black.

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    hoynck wrote:

    TetsuoShima wrote:

    just kidding im bored


    Go play some chess. you haven' t played a single game. Or do you only play Shogi?

    nah cant concentrate at the moment i dont want to look even weaker them im already are

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    This is a good way to draw in the Lopez Exchange (LOL) as long as you are not the White player (which was me):

    This was still a good showing for me against a 1500+ player but I thik i might have had better results somehow.


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