Your experience with 1.b3

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I've had a fair amount of good experience with it in blitz, however the problem is (for me) that there are a lot of different ways to play against it, and basically if you choose something that isn't the mainline (putting pawns on e5 and d5) then unless you know the theory, black equalizes super easily.

I also think that the mainline is better for black.

the mainline is objectively (engine eval) better for black, but its very tricky to play, and there are a lot of tactics.

honestly, i just try to get this setup

The bishop exchanged for a night on c6, and the knight jumps to e5. If my opponent prevents this setup, i switch to the d4-c4 plan

if you like that setup you might as well play the classical Bird's.


i guess i could, but its much more flexible trhough the b3 move order, and i have a lot of other options, eg. d4-c4 plan. its way less commital.

lol. I don't even play the Classical, I play the Leningrad.


I played 1.b3 some years ago but black can achieve a decent position with 1.b3 especially if he knows the theory.
But if we are a better player we may outplay the opponent at the middlegame,I think this is the point of 1.b3
I saw a new book for 1.b3 


I got a spam mail for this book about b3/b6 openings: