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Is Lucas Chess Worth it?

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    Some of you may have seen a free training software out there called Lucas Chess.  I have read from some that it is the absolute best program out there that does not require purchasing.   In using it I have seen that there is a significant number of things you can train on such as Knight movements, tactics, blindfold chess, analysis, ELO estimates, endgame training, mating patterns, opening training, and calculating power, etc. etc., however I have yet to find a solid tutorial on how to use the program.  Lucas Chess seems to be an expansive tool that could be of great use but it's slightly clunky and not intuitive.


    ........ My question to all of those that are familiar with it:  

        1) Have you found a suitable instruction/tutorial on how to use all it's features and

        2) Have you found the program to be successful in getting you to be a better player and which way might that be? 


    Thanks everyone.  

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    Most people don't read directions, and they take forever to write. I would suggest to start pressing buttons of the menus. See what they are. That way you will remember better anyway.


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    It's one of my more underutilized programs for sure.  There's a collection of truly awful engines there I used to enjoy playing if I felt a little down on myself.  And then one night one of the awful engines beat me and I haven't been back.  Too much information, huh? Laughing

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    There are some useful documents on the site of the program. And search the net , some users have uploaded instructions. The program has a few bugs but it's really IMPRESSIVE...Great job from Lucas. If you don't like the engines you can add your own. If you start searching you will find dozens of "hidden" features. Keep on playing.. And it's free!!

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    Yes looking good, yes bugs (crashes). IMHO

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    It crashes , yes. But the author is accepting comments and reports and fixes bugs constantly. Version 10 is expected , I hope it will be more stable.

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     Anyone else know when the new version is out?  Or any thoughts on the goods and bad of the program?


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    You can get the latest alpha version there if you encounter crashes, maybe it will fix them. I tried Arena before that and I was very disappointed, LucasChess is my favourite now.


    I can do engine tournaments, it has a TON of internal engines and the training mode, although I haven't devoted time in that yet.


    The menus are a little weird but you learn them by using them.

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    Excellent Software and its free!

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    Never used it, but i havent heard one bad thing about it.

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    Check out the free demo trainers 1-3 on www.shredderchess.com wink.png

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    thanks KruChris!!


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