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What should I include/look out for when starting a chess club?

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    I am looking into forming a chess club in my city since we do not have one. What should I look out for or include to make it more promotable, fun and worthwhile? 

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    Well the first thing is have the basics there:  stating when and where you meet including things like time, days, dates, etc.  You must mention if there is a car park at the venue or not.  Also how to get there. (Include options by public transport as well as by car.) Are refereshments available onsite?  Always include the website if you have a website. 

    Then state what you plan to do at the chess club.  Do you plan to have a club tournament.  Or play in local leagues.  Or just friendly matches.  Is it for all levels of chess player?  Are there chess books to read?  Do you plan to actively involve local schools? 

    Then with advertising it, whilst obviously you won't have a huge (or any) budget, local leaflets and newsletters do work.  That is how I joined my local club.  Good luck with it. 

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    I should add you must include a map of the venue, and if you want to advertise it on the computer using Google Earth to enter a postcode should enable you to do exactly this. 

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    Alcohol licenses are also recommended.

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    All this inconsequential trivia . Don't depend on them, will your club popular among local players, or not . The main , than you can earn popularity , is the holding tournaments .

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    Definetly watch out for the local checkers group. Nothing worse then when the chess club stumbles onto the checkers club's turf.


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