Chess Player of the Month April 2012


Is this thread serious? I mean, like, ya know, REALLY?


Regina's okay, but she's no Phil.


1/2 century ago...


Nice choice, but I tend to weight more towards:


Sure he was genius in the 60's Ronettes etc Smile


I vote 4 the crazy borderliner who did allways now 

something about everything and was as sweet as donald and as mad to

MonteChristosPawn wrote:

I vote 4 the crazy borderliner who did allways now 

something about everything and was as sweet as donald and as mad to

and old C.barks was as crazy as them 2


And he hated money just as much as uncle scrooge

liked it (C.barks didn't like scrooge either i geuss because he didn't make him a ''hero''


Well after all i geuss there was one guy i hated more than any other and that was the one that was created to be hated because he never had to fight(and old barksy knew it to)


I loved donald because he toke care of his nephews

and never knew how great he was . Because he thought

that he was a looser he couldn't see that 

He was the MAN and i loved him because it Allways 

turned wrong because he didn't believe in himself :)

But i blaim daisy as much as him because she never

told him...

But the story isn't finished :)

After al it was donald who ''Put his life on the line''

And although he's always brooke he was fireman,adventerer,salesman,investigator so you can't blame him that he didn't try 

Support you slumpdog and you get love like no one else


I loved Mickey Mouse asswell but he was a winner and

he hadn't any flaws (kinda superman) whilst the greatest victory's always are the ones were the underdog beats the giant.

Kinda like Van Gogh who in the end turned out to be the greatest impressionist drunk madman

But i am shure he would suffer even harder to reach the respect he got now and he can rest in peace with the positif critics of people who finally understand.

In my feeling it is 

The heart of men that makes a legend truly loved and all of them had only one goal and that is = 

Fighting for progression

Sadly enough a guy with a vision stumbles on social and international and political standards and agreements but even the guy that got burned for claiming the world was round got ANGRY

And if Nobody listens because they don't wanna see

Those geniuses all started to get so angry that they

killed themselfs or must be killed 


The truth is out there and whatever i did wrong i 

regret and i payd and people payd so in the end it's

the lesson for BOTH to be heared because a friend is someone who knows everything of you and still loves you And loves to make you hate him just to tell the truth.

But i know a heart is a box where a friend remains

4ever even if you cut of his ear.

But i got my way of live by the way i was loved and



 all friends and enemy's =

If i loved you once i still love you now and that's why 

some people return after they get beaten =

They hope love concurs hate.

Sadly it's not allways a happy end 

But in the end =

Is this the greatest site ever because i loved it so much that i will never leave :)

Dedicated to ''Grumpy


What is going on here, exactly?

Twobit wrote:

What is going on here, exactly?

We're in the midst of an epic battle for supremacy of the month of April

Problem is, we're not sure which year.


how about 2012 Dalailuke?


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Since kco is safe from this next round of elimination round (due to him winning the Head of Nominees competition), now vote for either:



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I bear no grudges; I shall vote Charlotte_212, for evidently being in possession of a sense of humour.


My last-ditch attempt to inflict sex-change on TB in order to increase chances appears to have failed !

NimzoRoy is playing a silent tactical game therefore my vote also goes with

Charlotte_212 again.


i vote NimzoRoy




how did I get to the random crazy thread part of again? I vote for  the weiner circle on clark street.