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it ddosn't mather

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    to lose or to win we know people from the otherside of trhe world and play whit friendship.

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    Its not about winning or loseing, its about ghetting your king to the otheir side dueds

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    very well said my friend if everyone thaught like that the world would be a better place

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    I play for the sheer joy of it.

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    Welcome to the new TM Championship League.


    There are multiple Divisions for groups of a variety sizes to join and battle it out for the title
    of TM Champion!

    Group divisions match sizes are as follows;

    Div.A - Heavyweight - Number of Members: no limit- Team Matches:60+ player min.
    Div.B - Middleweight - Members: 800 maximum- Team Matches:30+player min.
    Div.C - Lightweight - Members: 400 maximum - Team Matches: 15+ player minimum.
    Div.D - Bantamweight - Members: 150 maximum - Team Matches 7+ player minimum.

    By joining this league and registering your team, you agree to the rules and conditions within.
    All members are expected to follow the appropriate forums and submit challenges and matches in a
    timely manner. 

    Flying Chess Team is playing in Div. A

    TM C.L. 2014 Div.A Rnd 1
    Flying Chess Team - Turk Chess Players


    TM C.L. 2014 Div.A Rnd 2
    Flying Chess Team vs BULGARIA

    TM C.L. 2014 Div.A Rnd 3
    Flying Chess Team vs Chess champ

    TM C.L. 2014 Div.A R4
    Flying Chess Team vs. Justice


    Div. A will be 7 rounds so we need you in the next rounds !

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                         I didn't know The Marx Brothers were members here.  Hey what sa mather for U ??     That's where I went to college.  What sa mather U.

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    i don't mather ?


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