young Garry's view on women and chess (and other less known facts on Kasparov)


Fischer is/was sometimes criticised, made fun of for what he said on women and chess in his teenage years. Even though not as straightforward and talk without walk as his greatest predecessor, namely Bobby, Kaspaorow was no different than his greatest predecessor. According to Edward Winter's finding, this is the view of 26 years old Garry:

[Interviewer: How about women chess players?

G.K.: Well, in the past, I have said that there is real chess and women’s chess. Some people don’t like to hear this, but chess does not fit women properly. It’s a fight, you know? A big fight. It’s not for women. Sorry. She’s helpless if she has men’s opposition. I think this is very simple logic. It’s the logic of a fighter, a professional fighter. Women are weaker fighters.

There is also the aspect of creativity in chess. You have to create new ideas. That’s quite difficult, too. Chess is the combination of sport, art and science. In all these fields, you can see men’s superiority. Just compare the sexes in literature, in music or in art. The result is, you know, obvious. Probably the answer is in the genes."]


but even though it might seem he insulted women, I think he did not. Read the following:



[Interviewer: Do you realize that you’re expressing a sexist point of view, and that Western women will be enraged by it?

G.K.: Yes, but I’m not concerned. I’m sure that women can do many things better than men in many fields. I think it’s wrong to want to be compared all the time, to want to be equal in everything. Men and women are different.]"


so, I guess he did not mean women are less-intelligent, he just meant chess is one of areas in which women has disasvantage. Let us go on, here is what he said on computters and chess:


["Question: Will a computer be world champion, one day ...?

Kasparov: Ridiculous! A machine will always remain a machine, that is to say a tool to help the player work and prepare. Never shall I be beaten by a machine! Never will a program be invented which surpasses human intelligence. And when I say intelligence, I also mean intuition and imagination. Can you see a machine writing a novel or poetry? Better still, can you imagine a machine conducting this interview instead of you? With me replying to its questions?’"]


just like his great predecessor, it seems that he too underrated computers or he too was unable to rate them correctly.


I have seen some quotes of Kasparov in which he praised Bobby. When Garry was 24, it seems he has a rather view:


["‘T.P. Do you think Fischer will play again one day and would you like to meet him?

G.K. No, I don’t think there is the slightest chance that Fischer will ever play chess again. The return of Fischer is a myth; in any case, it provides good suspense for people who know nothing about chess. Fischer is the chess past. He left because he didn’t want to play any more. Endless talk about his return is just day-dreaming.

T.P. Haven’t you ever tried to make contact with him? It is said that some grandmasters keep in touch with him ...

G.K. I don’t believe a word of it. I want proof. It is also said that he still plays. Well, let him play, let him enter a tournament and let him play! For me, Fischer is no longer anything. He has gone into history. That is very interesting from the historical point of view, but Fischer means nothing more at all today!’"]


back then, His reaction on being called "Russian":


["G.K.: Don’t call me Russian. I’m not Russian. I am half Armenian and half Jewish. And I live in Baku, in the republic of Azerbaidzhan. You can call me a Soviet, if you like."]


42 years Kasparov when he was asked to rank himself on all time ranking:


["I don’t like this question in general, it's too subjective. By most standards, number one because of the length of my high performance and the strength of the opposition. The greatest gap between the number one and the rest was Bobby Fischer in 1972, but that was just one or two years and then came Karpov. I was able to keep up with the new generation and beat them. I was able to stay on the cutting edge, stay on top of the ranking for twenty years. I would say that entitles me to be number one."]


He reckoned himself to be the greatest ever chess player. We can not say he is arrogant, Kasparov has a good case, good arguements for that place. one of the two who deserves that place, alongside Bobby Fischer.


I was going to write many things but accidentally I submitted. I am gonna edit it later, now I will add 1 or 2. There are manh things to come. I will go on here:


somewhere on the internet I met a hypothesis argued by Kasparov with which he claims Karpov was favorite against Fischer. but according to a conversation with Bill Cristol, he later thouught otherwise even though he thought Karpov had chances:


["I wouldn’t call him a favorite, but I think he had a very good chance of winning because Karpov already represented a new generation of the players. One of the reasons Fischer ducked and refused to play Karpov, I think he wasn’t sure how to deal with him. Karpov was quite different from all the players that Fischer successfully beat earlier. "]


According to Garry, Karpov has support from the soviet government and the government was trying to prevent Garry from winning:


["Challenging Karpov was somehow was like challenging a Soviet myth. And what I think the authorities in Moscow, they at that time I doubt they saw me as the potential freedom fighter. Yes, of course, as I said, I was half-Armenian, half-Jewish, it was kind of instinctively they could smell that I was not a loyal party solider. So I was not like Anatoly Karpov. So I was a rebel. And I was too unpredictable. I think they just wanted to ward off trouble so that’s why Karpov received full support."]