Candidates Tournament #3 Final! (captaintugwash - HolographWars)


...a fun game to watch. Around February 15 (around move 12) Tug's neighborhood (in real life) suffered extreme flooding, with risk of losing power. I was a little worried Tug would lose internet service, but he was fine.

Back to the game, the position at move 25 is interesting (as Holograph himself pointed out). Black's rook is trapped on d3. It's a good example of how an activated king can have good strength (the king is attacking the rook, while covering 3 other squares).

A good game by both. Congratulations to captaintugwash for the win.😀😀😀

This means captaintugwash now challenges Martin0 for the World Champion title. As the current WC Martin0 gets White in the challenge game.