how to create my custom pieces for my Chess Variant?


I want to create a 10 x 8 board with a new piece next to each tower that has the power to summon pawns on the next diagonal square (or on the next square ahead), but can only move once to the side. I wanted the site to have a structure for creating pieces

Irespectdat variants has the ability to create custom board dimensions like 10x8 but currently it doesn't have any piece that can summon another piece. I don't think other apps like Chesscraft could do too but I could be wrong.

The only way you could allow summoning of pieces is with Crazyhouse option.


Multiverse Chess has a lot of spawners similar to the piece you described, and also Custom Boards.


Is it possible to create a copycat? The queen is replaced with the copycat. The copycat can imitate the piece that was played the most recent by your opponent. If the other person played their copycat, yours will function just like the queen. The copycat maintains the ability of the copied piece, until your opponent plays their next move. And lastly, if the copycat copies the king, it cannot be checked and can block checks to the real king.


No, that is not possible on chess.con


What about guard.It moves 2 rows in every direction and it has a shield witch saves him from attack but only once.The shield can be gifted to other cards expect king.Or miner which can move under other pieces but max 4 rows and eliminates the same.Miner can't go under guard and knight can't jump over guard.

Thank you