Martin0 vs the world - Event Chess Game



I'll join in… but Martin0, you'll play with one hand tied behind your back this time? (to be a Sport)

We'll need to get Ry to be our side's (the World) Master of Ceremonies.

And I'll have to review how it works… there's some trick thing, an event… 


I would play

Great! So who will be the messenger for the world team? Bob or Ry again? 



Make it Ry… I just want to participate.  Have a lot on my plate these days, outside of chess.

Ry… good for you?

Sure I guess


If I'm not mistaken, I tuned in late on the last, first-time, and therefore don't know how this game starts.

Is this a rematch, and therefore opposite-side "color" for the world from the last one?

That would immediately decide who goes first.

Martin0, is the world White?

Or Black? 

(save me the trouble of having to search chess dot com for the last game)

Then, also, isn't a summary of how Event Chess is played, and rules involved, as a first post, standard practice?

Martin0 — btw, ok if I call you Martin? — it would be good if you would copy and paste the beginning Overview to welcome "the world" for the challenge, announce who moves first, and then if it is you, we'll see your move, and if it is "us," then we will caucus amongst ourselves, get focused, and we'll come up with our move.

From memory, there are no time constraints.  Correct?



P.S.  More (others) will take notice as this game comes into the lime life.  This will be fun, and I'm looking forward to it… especially if the Event goes the way of the world.

Ry, good to be participating with you again… let's get a win!



We will reverse colors, yes

Kinda funny how you ask to not search for the first game. This is the first game. You can find the rules in the first post. There are time constraints.


Great! Thanks for being the messenger ry.

The rematch is here:

Martin0 写道:

Event #57 Long live the queen!

The queen becomes royal instead of the king (the queen can get checked/checkmated, but not the king).

The king moves like a normal queen.

The queen moves like a normal king, including castling. The queen will move 2 squares when castling.

Pawns can not promote to queens, but pawns can promote to kings instead.




Example 1:

Black plays Ka4#

Example 2:

White plays 0-0

Example 3:

White plays d8=K

this might be the most useless event ever