BLITZ 960!!!!

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    i also would like 960 live

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    Me too!!!!!!!!!!CoolCool

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    They have 960 on the mobile platforms now.  I played my first 10|0 on my phone earlier today.  Unfourtuanly it looks like the web platform doesn't handle analysis of the game very well

    here is the game:

    As you can see it looks totally blank.  If you download the pgn it does not include our castles (on move 7 for black 8 for white) and then the game desyncs from there (ignores ...Rfc8 and ... Bf8 because it assumes the King is in the way).  Also I cannot see my 960 live rating on the web though I can pull it up on my phone.  Other than that I had really fun expirence so far.  It is also great that 960 has a separate rating than standard blitz, though Bullet, Blitz and Standard 960 are all in the same category.

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    i hope they add this!!

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    Well lets hope they bring it to the website as well soon then...

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    chess960 blitz would be amazing !! Please do this !

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    Djezz wrote:

    chess960 blitz would be amazing !! Please do this !

    "Try the new" at the bottom of the page next to the green pawn.

    Oh maybe they've gone back to only premium member access...Anyway I just checked to see if Live 960 is up and running and it is.  Have fun!

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    For those of you who would like to do blitz 960, go to v3 by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the button that says "Try the new, in v3 there is an option for live 960

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