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Bulldog Chess with Witch (captaintugwash - JohnHS)

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    Pretty much.  I am much stronger than my rating positionally and in endgames, but I blunder like a 900.  Good game though!  Can you post the result on the tournament summary?  I can't find it.

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     10... Nc5 was the losing move. Bxa2 was bad, but not terrible. It was going to take a few moves for me to organise, and I'm vulnerable to the pawn storm later on, so it was certainly playable, but you couldn't afford to lose any more pieces for nothing.

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    "Can you post the result on the tournament summary? I can't find it."


    I've posted in the thread where the tournament tree is.

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    And yes, gg, thanks for the regular board updates.

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    It was nearly wow after 5... Wh6, I can blunder into mate right there and it took me a while to notice.

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    If only you hadn't seen that ...

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    To be fair, even when I hadn't noticed, I was mainly looking at Qc3, and if I play that then I give my king a square to move to. Even Ng3, another consideration in this time, that has the lucky Nf5 block, so I don't think I was ever in any serious trouble. But I was certainly complacent up until that point.

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    The queens and kings facing off from each other from the start is a really interesting dynamic, especially with the witch to make pieces transparent.

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    Great game by captaintugwash and JohnHS! Captain "Tug" wins and is the first player in the 2018 Super-dog tournament to advance to the quarter finals! Trophies for both players:


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    Great game by me is questionable ... grin.png I almost checkmated with my witch, but I forgot how his worked, and then trapped my own knight like a 900!  But congrats to the Cap'n.  

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    I didn't even move my witch, but I still used it.


    I remember checkmating my brother once with the queen, only it was a discovered checkmate by moving the pawn, the queen didn't move once in the game. He claims to not remember, but I know he's lying.

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    It was funny for other reasons, too. Because he once drew a game otb when we were on holiday and drinking, he thought he was my equal, so he challenged me on gameknot, like 3 days per move or something. He didn't seem to understand that my 1900+ rating was good, and he laughed when I told him what the analyse board was for.


    He no longer considers himself my equal when it comes to chess. He does refuse to play me again though on the basis of "we drew our last game", pretending the game on gameknot didn't exist.


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