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Chess on an Infinite Plane - Team competition!

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    vickalan wrote:
    McGoohan, I think Mayapiri is back on the forum and I have his e-mail.
    Steelers1863, Welcome to team black, this is awesome! Five people are in the game now:

    White - leader: Zied,     Team members: McGoohan, (open to new players)
    Black - leader: Vickalan, Team members: Mayapiri, Steeler1863

    Steeler1863: after we hear white's next move please send your best move idea to me (by personal message). We'll decide best move based on ideas from you, mayapiri, and me. Moves have to be decided in 1.5 - 4 days.
    based on idea of Mayapiri and me, our move now is:


    our move will be Falcon advancing by 2 squares vertically. Falcon (3,-1)

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    Tricky! We can easily capture your falcon, but that leaves your griffon with control over the entire middle board, capturing our pawn and checking our king. I sent a message to Mayapiri and Steeler1863 to decide our best move. gold.pngPlease wait one or two days.gold.png
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    I got feedback from Mayapira and Steeler. We can't move our Griffin out of the center area to capture White's Falcon, because that leaves only White with a very strong piece right in the middle. That leaves a Griffon of each color fighting for control of the center. Our play is:



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    Our move is 4. Gr j3

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    Zied, please wait again 1 or 2 days while I work with Steeler and Mayapira. (3 Griffins in the center board is hard to calculate)!

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    We play:

    4...Gr x j3+


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    5. kj3

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    Add a wizard pieec it frezzes pieces
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    unicornbookworm wrote:
    Add a wizard pieec it frezzes pieces

    Can't change the rules now. The game already started.

    Zied, as usual please wait 1-2 days. I'll be back soon.happy.png

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    Our play is:



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    vickalan wrote:

    Our play is:



    6.Falcon k5+

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    Zied and team white - we'll be back soon to play our move. Please just wait a short time. Thanks.

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