A Challenge To Cheater_1

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    if u wanna waste your time, do it
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    I am already a paying customer I would love to see such games played and I think most here would. Play on benevolent Senators Hater ;))-
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    Good idea.  Make sure that you post a link to the games in this forum.  This should be interesting.  :)
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    You're asking erik to approve the idea of playing Fritz versus Shredder or something? Super boring.
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    Actually, if done right, it won't necessarily be Fritz versus Shredder. A person, using an engine correctly will beat someone copying an engines moves most of the time. While chess engines are tactical masters, they are often weaker in the strategic game, therefore they can be beat. The best people in the ICCF use engines, but never exclusively, they use a combination of chess engine/human mind.

    As for needing permission, you already have it. The rules clearly state "EXCEPTION: If both players agree for the use of a chess engine in an UNRATED game then it can be allowed. " So, as long as the game is unrated, you are good. And, just so you know I'm not pulling that out of my .... the link to that rule is: http://support.chess.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=17


    I would almost pay extra to see this go down. 

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    You'd pay to see computers go at it, Baseballfan?


    I still say... super-boring. 

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    I said almost, and the reason I say that is because I'd like to see if ih8sens could beat cheater_1. More because I'd like to see how it would turn out than because of the chess it could produce.
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    I beat up several minorities every time Cheater_1 posts.  I can't believe he goads me into committing so many hate crimes! 
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    I've got a bette Idea, meet me in live chess and see how you fare..
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    I already challengid him to a similar game and he declined
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    "Presumably, he is nothing more than a creative writer with a very boring life. "


    Wasn't that obvious from his first posting??



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    this is a total waste of time and it resembles the mentality of professional wrestling
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    Ur giving him attention, bad attention still is attention.

    And he wants attention, ur just giving him what he wants by opening a topic about him. 

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    I haven't followed much of Cheater's posts.  Sounds like the games probably won't come about.  ih8sens, I'd hate to see an argument at the end about whether you lied about which game you cheated in, if you see what I mean.  Is there any way to verify which game you cheated in and which game you didn't?  I'm not questioning your integrity, just questioning the conclusiveness of the outcome for the sceptical thinker.  I'd be interested in following the match in any event.  I'd take you on your word.
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    sadly there is no way to defete cheater_1 in a global sense...   (other than banning him which can't happen until he breaks the rules)   the closest we can get is to 1: ignore cheater_1   and that means everything about him too... don't bring him up in conversation, don't respond to any mentions to him, and above all, don't respond to his posts...   and 2: direct others on topics you create to do the same if he comes up or joins in....       


    this is about all there is one can do to bring down cheater_1...  if you don't want to, you don't have to... but if you wish cheater_1 would get a life already... playing chess online all the time is bad enough... but cheating and bantering on about nonsense is just too far... i mean he could at least make it amusing to someone (although im sure it is to him)... 


    if you feed into his attention desperation though, by even mentioning his name (im sure he searches through the forums to find all the times he's talked about and thats his saturday night) then you only serve to perpetuate the anoyances... (although its only anoying if you actualy read what he writes) 

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