a portrait of Magnus Carlsen (for sale)


Greetings, my fellow Chess enthusiasts. My name is John Wallie.

In addition to being a chess player, I also happen to be an artist. So last year I decided I wanted to do a collage portrait of Magnus Carlsen. I cut up magazines sometimes and use those instead of paint. So I sent Alina L'Ami an e-mail asking permission to use one of her excellent photographs and she graciously said yes happy.png

I am trying to sell some of my paintings and collages, so I thought I would post it here to see if any of you are interested. The buy now price is $160. There are more details about it on the e-bay page: 


on my table easel

Thank you for reading! happy.png




That's an excellent portrait! Do you have some more to share?

Nice portrait

What makes you think that's worth $160??!!

lemaudit1 wrote:

What makes you think that's worth $160??!!

Because it is REALLY good -____-


Do you still sell the portrait? And, if it’s already gone, do you have something else for sale? I like your style a lot, and it would be cool to have something like this in my living room. Also, supporting local artists is a cool thing to do. 
I already have some paintings in my living room. Most of them are from this family caricature maker. My wife got them for us both, and I really like these because we both look so happy in these pictures. 
But there are still a lot of blank spots that need to be filled with some more beautiful artwork.

lemaudit1 wrote:

What makes you think that's worth $160??!!


If a sub-1000 pixel NFT can go for US$ 24 M, a nice portrait like this can easily go for $700-900 if you find the right buyer. Just to give an idea of the amount of money that circulates in the art market. Think big!


How much would this one cost? 


I can sell in sets of three then with a deal. Buy 2, get 1 free. Here's another sample of my work.


that guy's just a troll, dont mind him


really nice artwork tho!


That's a Magnus/Maggie painting - Magnus Carlsen with Maggie Thatcher's hair. That could go for anything between 3 and 6 Million.

lemaudit1 wrote:

What makes you think that's worth $160??!!

You try drawing a portrait of magnus and compare

lemaudit1 wrote:

What makes you think that's worth $160??!!

Price is subjective, the artist is allowed to set any price they want for their work. Chill.