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  • #101

    When that happens, can you go into Settings / Manage Applications/Running and tell me if you see one or two chess.com apps?

    Also, can you update to 2.0.76 :)

  • #102

    OK! This seems to have solved the double start problem; I still had 2.0.74 and it didnt update automatically. Dont know why it didnt, set it todo so. Anyway. Thanks Kohai!

    And all the teammembers working on the app, its a great app! Love it

  • #103

    Awesome!  :)

  • #104

    Ehhhhh...... Im really sorry to say, but I cheered too soon.... I have the same trouble of a double start again... yes I have the 0.76 and no I dont have the chess app twice. Please HELP

  • #105

    I can't replicate the app opening twice though :(

  • #106

    hi kohai

  • #107

    Kohai, what to do now??? Have you tested it on my machine?asus tranformer prie tf201?

    It really is happening and started with the 2.0.7x versions.... it looks better but it works worse

    You want to make a vid of it?

  • #108

    Ok, I've tried this a few times now. I have been able to finally replicate but the only way i can do this is if i manually open the app myself twice by double tapping the icon. Otherwise it still only opens once for me.

  • #109

    I really tap only once kohai, why tap twice? Must be the only app then that you can start twice in android, shoulnt be possible anyway, should it? I just took it out of a folder to see if thats the probl., but no still starts twice (w1tap).

  • #110

    After the download is complete and you're asked 'Open - Done'  click on Done. Does it auto add a shortcut on your desktop? (on the device).

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue of the app opening twice?

  • #111

    This is the only app i have starting twice(not even if i try to start another app twice, but when i try to start up the chess app after its already running, its seems to startup anew, again and again. But in my running apps it only shows once). I still am experiencing the continuous its_your_move_alerts even if im playing and the pawn stays on even if theres no move left. No double pawns show up anymore, at least something... I just removed the app restarted and installed the app again. Dont see any problem with the install proces. Problems persist. Very frustrating

  • #112

    Still using the app on my Droid X. Generally works well but for two problems I am consistently noting: at times the analysis board does not work -- won't let me try moves, i can only page forward and backward -- and the chat is broken. I can enter chat but there is no submit button or way to get the chat submitted. This can make me look antisocial so I don't like it.

  • #113

    May be a repeat post, sorry.

    On my correspondence games I'm often considering a move, touching nothing, and pieces rearrange (it's like noise on the line in the old days). Have to leave and re-enter the game which sorts it out; Can't send a chat message; If one enters the app and makes moves it would be nice if any corresponding notifications disappeared; it can be misleading and selection confusing (though I can live with this).

    I still think it is a great app and is becoming my primary way of playing.

  • #114

    I'm using an Xperia S, with android ICS, and Chess 2.0.9, and here the app also always starts twice...

  • #115
    shoyheim wrote:

    I'm using an Xperia S, with android ICS, and Chess 2.0.9, and here the app also always starts twice...

    This issue is resolved now in 2.0.14 that will be released soon!

  • #116

    How do you resign or offer a draw in the android app?

  • #117

    Under board there is a row of icons; the second one along with three dots and three lines gives you a menu of options. Hope that helps.

  • #118

    I have several issues with this Android app. I am using (or rather trying to use) it on an e-book reader. It has Android 2.1 and 600x800 screen resolution. Older versions more or less worked on it, but newer versions just popup an update prompt, but when I try to load the latest version, it won't install. Also the 600x800 resolution doesn't seem to be supported, which is another inconvenience. I still can use a very old version, but only for tactics training.


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