I read about the new blindfold interface, but in fact there are some players who are raising some questions, like:

1. Will it still be there once GM Bareev doesn't need it anymore?

2. There will be different rating like blitz, bullet and so on blindfold?


Hey maxpete.  I am looking forward to it too.  vowles_23, another player, says it is coming next week.  So, we'll see.


They said they are releasing blindfold for all members later this week.. in other words I think they will keep it after Bareev is done with it.


Who said what when? What did I miss?

rooperi wrote:

Who said what when? What did I miss?

In chess news, here in, GM Bareev is trying to make a new blindfold world record, and created the invisible chess set, which will be released this week. If you are interested in playing blindfold live, let's add each other as friends.