Brilliancy Trophy


 I think we should have a brilliancy trophy which will be given to the best chess game of the month or year if its not too much to ask. Every month or year, people will submit some games and the community will vote on which is the best. I'm sure there are dozens of amazing games just waiting to be found. The winner of the contest will recieve a brilliancy trophy. So, how's about it. Please state your opinion.


That's a really good idea. Once a month would probably take a fair amount of effort, but bi-annual or something. Could even maybe break it into categories, brilliancy for 1000-1500 rated players, etc, etc, or - it could be taken from offical tournament games.

 Yeah, you've got something there addicted-to-chess.


There is a "Game of the Month" award here where you can nominate and vote for a member: 







Unfortunately it doesn't link to the game that was nominated (or even give you the ability to submit the specific game when you nominate).

If it was an open submission process, there would be an infinite number of games to peruse from proud parents. I think it would take something like a nomination from the losing participant in the game. For most people, it would take a special game for someone to tip their hat to their opponent, which would reduce the total submissions, and I imagine, increase the quality.

What I mean is the games will be screened before we will vote on them just like in American Idol. 


I agree to ur suggestion,But we are late comer the have rules to regulate.

every;homes,company, govt.etc follow guide lines they have.


Come on there is nothing in that link. What's happened with site awards????