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Can't Find Something in the New Design? Ask Here!

  • #1

    If you can't find something in the new design that you used to know where it was in the old design, ask here and we'll show you how to find it!


  • #2

    what happend to free videos,chess.com podcasts?

  • #3

    are fonts hiding somewhere? or have they been obliterated? I really like Times New Roman.

  • #4

    How do you find facebook addresses of members who have posted in their profiles? Do not see them in the current profiles of the new look.

  • #5

    OMG! What happened to this site's great design???

  • #6

    How do I see all my games instead of just the 10 showing?

  • #7

    who is god?

  • #8

    How come I cant see list of all the members on my teams by highest ranked or alphabetical or oldest or most recent joined anymore...  How do I see that?  

  • #9

    How come I cant see all my friends whose online at the same time anymore?

  • #10

    It seems like the "view all tracked content" (on our "home" page, which shows a longer list of tracked activity) link is missing or I can't find it.

  • #11

    What a mess! I cant find anything...

  • #12

    Can I still get to my and other player's home page which displayed, at the player's option, the person's name and location?

  • #13

    Where do I find black's knights? In all the "live chess" games I've played today they have been missing so I've had to memorize where they are...

  • #14

    Change it back, puhleeeezzz!!!!

  • #15

    No more themes? What a pity.

  • #16
    Bananenbieger wrote:

    No more themes? What a pity.

    what? you can still most of what you want in terms of theme, the only that has been taken away is the ability to change the font. I really liked Times New Roman.

  • #17

    You can still create themes.  It still there...

  • #18

    In the Tactics Trainer how do I see the time I took? I can only see the average time.

  • #19

    I cant find the daily puzzle? It a premium feature now? Thanks again for keeping a free version this is so great!!!

  • #20

    Please put it back the way it was....  


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