Stockfish, analysis and grey area


Here are's rules:


You would need to look up other sites to see what their rules are.

But in general, the rules are that in daily chess, static resources such as books, databases that do not show engine evaluations, etc., are permitted (research has always been considered a part of correspondence chess), but engine assistance in any form, advice from a friend, is strictly forbidden. In live chess, assistance of any form is strictly forbidden, just as it would be in an OTB event.

Using an engine to analyse a position can be done after the game is finished. It's a good idea to analyse your games after they are finished so you can learn from your mistakes. However, you generally do best if you do your own human analysis first and only use the engine to see what you missed.



just got my long comment refused because of fword to say this can be ended cheers

going now on cheat club for more if you still up to chat about

- conflict between fairplay policy and privacy and asymetry of information. There is chess game and there is fool game ; chess game is about no asymetry of information game

- fun with an optionnal bot+human vs bot+human game mode or optionnal pregame set

- a.i. engine cost, anticheat methods and so on