Forums Launches 2024 Community Championships With Hyperbullet

BigChessplayer665 wrote:
Prince_Skywalker wrote:

I don't really respect players who punch down on their Opponents by playing -1400 or more below their rating to beat up on lower rated competition

Such players are disingenuous & lack the character of real chess players. Chess is supposed to be about honorable conduct & when you see those players rated 2100 beating up on 800 level opponents it really turns my stomach. There is no honor in beating up on opponents rated 1400-1300 points lower than you.

I don't play people lower rated than me to beat them up theres not fun in that but a lot seem to like playing against 2000+ why not let them 

If they want to play I let them and alot actually do want to play 2000s and they genually do get better it's fun to watch how they improve over time

I guess I did say it's fun to watch how they improve over time


Hello guys here for the award