Chess Movie!!!

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    I'll mention this at the UCLA chess club meeting. Sounds like an awesome opportunity.

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    Danny,  I think you need a dancing, 8 y.o. "WarriorKid".  Wink - ?

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    What does it pay?

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    batgirl escribió:

    What does it pay?

    It is not for the money, material girl

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    It is very strange that it is written "featuring an Academy Award-winner actor" but his name doesn't appear anywhere, is this a hoax?

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    I was hoping that they would film Queen's Gambit after all. From what I understand the project pretty much died with Heath Ledger.  :(

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    batgirl wrote:

    What does it pay?

    lol are you kidding me?

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    If they can they use a 74 years old? I am ready.

    I sent them an e-mail.

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    Surely the possibility of meeting Danny is reward enough.

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    Free coffee too, I'm sure.

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    ACEChess wrote:


    BatGirl, it's not for pay, that's why it's called being an "extra". Anyone who wants the experience and a chance to be in the movie...


    It doesn't say "extra."  (not that I'm under 25, live in California, or even know what "extra" means had it said that.)

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    I don't get why you need to be a chess player to act the part of a chess player. Surely the moves will already be part of the script?

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    Have you ever seen non-chess-players move pieces?

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    ACEChess escribió:

    No pdela, it's not a hoax, they just can't list his name for his security (and because they don't want people to know). David and I have already taught him chess ...

    You and David taught him chess? uhhhhh... it is gonna be very freaky to watch him say I'm going "ouch-town", "davidelicious" or that kind of things, you guys say. I would have hired serious teachers....(aside: instead of a couple of weirdos), cough... cough... Sorry, I got a cold.

    So like I said, best of lucks, you sure have done a wonderful job, have a blast!

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    I can see it now, really tense final position, one of the players carefully considering the combination he's visualised, plays his moves while announcing:

    "Checkarooski" "checkalicious" "checkalinalashlamba" "and mate."

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