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    I just updated my app to the newest version and noticed the change in computer strength settings. I don't see explanations of the levels in the help file. Can someone explain them please? I have not beaten the computer previously- still studying before I tackle live players.







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    I can't believe this hasn't gotten a response yet. is it in the wrong section?

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    The categories you list refer to playing "style" rather than strength per se. So you can set the relative playing strength separately for each style. The release notes for the latest version did mention that had made improved distinction among the strength settings at the lower levels (I guess previously there was little noticeable difference between a 2 and a 3).

    As a separate question, I  presume when a game is set to "Analyze" mode, the analysis is being done by the computer at a strength of 10, ignoring the strength at which the computer game-playing strength may be set? Can anyone confirm that?

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    As a follow-up to my unanswered question above, the iPod app shows under settings a variable playing strength from 1 - 10.  Can anyone tell me what rating those gradations equate to?  Thanks.

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