Just occurred to me this morning, as I was checking my email, stocks, weather, and the news on my handheld - why not have a very toned town site where you could check on your games?

-- Ozzie


Well, mobiles have internet connection already these days.

Good idea =) 

because it isn't that easy :( we'll do it eventually.
erik, sure it is, you just change the "www" to an "m". ;-)
hahahaha, that was very funny :)  Setting up the "m" subdomain as we speak. thanks for pointing out the obvious Loomis.

Wondering if your actually doing work towards this?  Especially with the iPhone doing so well.  Something simple enough to work for WAP would probably give you the broadest user base.  Can you create a single portal that would work for WAP, WM6 and iPhone?  Or would you have to have something special for WAP vs a toned down web client that could work on the most basic browsers?  Another thought is a secure API that would let hobbyist write the clients for you.  Limit the API to only support premium accounts so the fact that you don't control the client wouldn't be as big a deal?