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difference in ratings

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    I have a quick question,


    There is something that puzzles me about my ratings.  In correspondence chess, my rating is roughly 1450, but in live chess with a 10 min cap, my rating is only around 1200, a whole 250 less.  Why the difference?  Am i just not as capable of thinking quickly?  

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    This is very typical. If you check out the overall average ratings for Blitz - Live versus Standard - Turn-based, you see 1187 versus 1390 - a more that 200 point difference. Ratings only indicate relative performance at the mode specified amongst the pool of players playing that mode.

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    So does that mean that there are more better players playing live chess than correspondence? 

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    No, it doesn't say much of anything, actually. At least not in my view of things.

    More relevant would be the following test: what is my rating relative to the average rating in Turn-Based? what is my rating relative to the average rating in Live - Blitz? The answers to those questions tell you a lot more than comparing the two ratings (i.e., Blitz versus Turn-Based).

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    Thank you drawmaster


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