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    I have played chess now for many years, always on chess.com, never over the board. My intention has been to reach a credable standard and then join a local club. Please take a look at the numbers below, i am of the opinion 1269 is still an inexperienced player, given that GM Judit Polger is over 2700 (blitz), those figures put me at around the 50% point relative to her rating. However my positional ranking is approx 300,000 from 1.5 million, which is near to the top 20%.

     Do you see my point the 50% position does not fill me with to much confidence, but the 20% made me feel pretty good to be honest.

    Taken together these numbers are very misleading, I am not at this time too bothered about rating as such, but I do need to measure progress over time.

    Am I now a resonable player for club level, can anybody please make sense of these conflicting numbers ? 

    Current: 1269
    Today's Rank: #307,646 of 1,501,777
    Percentile: 79.5%
    Glicko RD: 35
    Highest: 1301 (Sep 5, 2012)
    Lowest: 987 (Nov 22, 2012)
    Avg. Opp.: 1138.47
    Best Win: 1373 (betzky1223




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    Any level is a great level to join a chess club! It's a totally different environment because you learn off each other and there are usually many strong players in the local clubs. 


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