How long have you been a member of

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    I joined today.

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    about 2 yrs

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    Ziryab wrote:

    November 2007

    Nov 2007 was a good time for C.c. As I recall it was the period that C.c really started getting noticed on google results... Back me up on this Batgirl, you're the historian (I recognize superior historical skills than my own as a Historian)

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    I may have found via Google, so that corroborates your recollection RSP

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    early 2011, i think - had a handle that no1 cld spell w/o a combination of dyslexia and unopposable thumbs

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    I found after my 17th marriage fell apart. That wasUndecided 1200 B.C.

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    more than that shld have fallen apart since that ...

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