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How Many Of You Want "V3"?

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    It looks good but I dunno how it will be

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    we haven't even see it

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    Talonflame_Fan wrote:

    we haven't even see it

    C.c released some pictures of what it is supposed to look like.

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    Oh but the features and stuff

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    Elijah707 wrote:
    btickler wrote:

    Depends what V3 actually represents...

    Chess.com needs serious fixes to the structure of their site in terms of clear organization and a lot less interstitial pages, a major update to the forum's editor, better integration for the analysis boards, etc.  Better ways to combat spam pretty much goes without saying...

    What they don't need in any way are more themes and skins for the site, more chessboard/piece graphics, etc.  So if V3 turns out be cosmetic fluff it will be very disappointing to say the least.

    v2 is fine

    No, it's not.  I already mentioned some the reasons why.


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