How to identify which games involved cheating after returns ELO points to you?


I'm sure, regretably, many people are familiar with receiving a message from that opens with "We have detected that one or more of your recent opponents has violated our Fair Play Policy," followed by returning some ELO points to you as compensation. 

When looking back at my game archives, I can't seem to identify which games/opponents were determined by to have cheated. Is there a way to find that out? Not super important, I suppose, but I always am curious which of my games were lost due to cheating after receiving these messages. 

If u go to the website the accounts with a big red 🚫 next to them have been banned
Like the last person said look for the red sign but also in archives you can adjust for lost games and whatever format you got the points refunded in, makes it faster

Im not sure about this symbol cuz i cant find any of these 🚫 but for me its quite easy. The picture of an active user either has a custom photo or a chess pawn. Now its just blank white then the user has been banned and thats how i identify the game


try to find the circle and crossed out symbol (i lazy to put it lol)

SpaceCat_Animations wrote:

try to find the circle and crossed out symbol (i lazy to put it lol)

Look through your archives to find any you might have.