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Hurt Heal - Stalemate/No Stalemate

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    OK, here's the deal, below is a list of options for whether stalemate should be abolished or remain a part of chess' current rules.  This is a hurt/heal thread to determine which the community feels is a better approach.



    1.Vote once a day

    2.Each option starts with twenty-five points.

    3.When you vote, you "hurt" one option, taking five points away from that option, and "heal" another adding three to that one.

    4.When an option hits 0 points or less, it is out of this survey.

    5.The last option to hit 0 points or less wins.


    Current Leaderboard, as of 15:14 PM PST 8/30/2011 (Up to and including post #13):

    Stalemate  31

    No Stalemate  15

    Lenny Bongcloud 9

    Stale Mates  -5

    Cookies 3

    Voting -5

    6-4-3-2-0  3

    ouachita -5

    checkmateibeatu -10

    Common Sense 3

    alekhine (nazi bastard) -5

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    Oh, by the way, I won't be counting any votes for No Stalemate.

  • #3

    Hurt: No Stalemate.


    Heal: Lenny Bongcloud.

  • #4

    heal: stalemate

    hurt: no stalemate 

  • #5

    Heal: stalemate

    Hurt: Stale Mates

  • #6

    Hurt: No Stalemate.

    Heal: Lenny Bongcloud.

  • #7

    Results updated.

  • #8

    Heal:  Cookies

    Hurt:  Voting

  • #9

    heal: Lenny Bongcloud

    Hurt: checkmateibeatu

    oh for all those interested i started something against him just because i felt like it

    just look for it under my content

  • #10

    Heal: Common Sense

    Hurt: checkmateibeatu

  • #11

    heal checkmateibeatu.

    hurt alekhine (nazi bastard).

  • #12

    Also not accepting votes to heal checkmateibeatu.

  • #13
    TheGrobe wrote:

    Also not accepting votes to heal checkmateibeatu.


    I can't help wondering about where you learnt to be so dictatorial.

  • #14

    Don't make me block you.

  • #15
    TheGrobe wrote:

    Don't make me block you.

     touche brilliant

    oh and hurt checkmateibeatu

    oh woops i voted


  • #16

    kill alekhine heal voting


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